Factory Address: Akacia Blvd. info@pardis-glaze.com +98 35 3727 3051

Advice and suggestions

We guarantee

• Appling the best quality inhouse and exported Minerals.

• using the specialists and experienced staff at all stages of production and laboratory.

• Using the advanced laboratory and production equipment.

• Formulation design according to customer's needs and requirements.

• In case of client’s requirements, design Glazes or engobes sets according to their conditions of productionprocess.

• Our company shall provide technical support and knowhow for any Client individually / specifically based on their company’s potential and market share.

Upon any sales our team shall arrange

• Precise control of the produced ferrite by sampling and testing of each tones of produced ferrite.

• Testing the ferrite homogenization system before sending it to the customer.

• In case of purchasing ready-made sets, tile and ceramic factories do not need to store inventory of various raw materials for the production of consumer collections.

Technical Support After sales service

•In case of any obstacles and unknown events , you may use our technical and expert supports .

•In case of any complaints , our company’s expert shall be assigned at our earliest to rectify the issue to the Client’s satisfaction.